October Craze

circle skirts and scarfs

Another month has passed and we all know what that means. Yes it's time to see what everyone, and myself, were crazy over. Again I can't believe October flew by so fast. Before you know it I will be screaming Happy New Years with confetti in my hair. But let's get to the matter at hand.

The fashion for October was all but too obvious. I figured a lot of people would be pulling out their favorite scarfs and boots, but what I didn't expect was that circle skirts and tights were going to be on the list for the fall season. I'm not a big skirt fan but I fell in love with how so many people were pulling this latest trend off. The tights pull it all together and hey adding a scarf didn't hurt the outfits either. This is a great transition into the colder months. Take your favorite circle skirt, add tights, boots, a chunky scarf, and a leather jacket and your ready for anything.

Beauty items for this past month have been, well I didn't see a lot of people raving about much. What I did see though was plenty of people getting out Halloween Makeup Tutorials all over Youtube. I LOVE Halloween, it's one of my favorite Holiday's (yes I know it's not an official Holiday). I had a few favorite tutorials from the lovely Nicole Guerriero. This girl is my virtual best friend, swear I love her personality!

Next on the beauty craze list for October was Rihanna's RiRi Hearts Mac Fall Collection. I saw so many blog post, instagram post, and videos about the new line of makeup Rihanna helped create with MAC Cosmetics. I used to be a lover for new collections but have grown out of that phase. But don't get your panties in a bunch. If you weren't able to grab anything from the recent collection rumor has it that there will be another one launching soon (around Christmas).

Now for my favorites! This past October I have actually been trying a lot of new things. Most of the items I got mid-month but, hey I love them that much to share them with you all. First thing first, my favorite blogger for October has to be hands down Latoya James of Love, ELLE. I may be a little bias because she is my best friend but who cares. This past month she has been creating content to die for. The blog is all about her life and how she deals with the every day struggles of hair, love, and she throws in her love of fashion as well. Go check it out and tell her I sent you!

Fashion, beauty, and FOOD! Yes, food is on my favorites list this month. I have been in LOVE with the Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's. In fact, Trader Joe's has been a food obsession of itself but we will talk about that later. This spread is to die for, literally. With gingerbread and crushed biscuits what more can a girl ask for to indulge in. PLEASE go check it out, and it comes in creamy as well.

October craze

For the last month or so I have been sidelined with an injury to my foot. So the one thing I love doing, the one thing that is my job was taken away from me (Yes I run for a living). The last two weeks have been a ball though. I am able to run again! I went out and bought new running shoes. The lovely Nike Pegasus 30, oooooh what a great shoe. If you want me to write more about it let me know and there will be a full detailed review on my running blog Inside a Runner's Mind.

Hello skincare. I have been saying I am going to take care of my skin and get back on a skincare routine for the longest. I went ahead and picked up Clean and Clear's Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub and BAM! I am taking on my skin full force again. This cleanser/scrub is great for every day use. I am noticing that it is helping with my oily skin and that's always a plus for me. I am planning on making a skincare routine video soon. Be on the look out. :)

NEXT MONTH (NOVEMBER)! Be on the look out for more blogs about haircare, fashion, and even some home decor. I have been neglecting my home decor section and we all know it's my second love. Also I will be starting a new series on my Youtube called Tea with Nikki. I can't wait to get it going and to see what you all think! What were some of your favorites for the month of October? Tell me below in the comments.