Nikki's Closet | 2013 Fall and Winter Trends

Fall is here and winter is right around the corner. With that being said I wanted to share some of the fashion trends. Take your pick and make it your own, or even combine two together to get fabulous outfits.



It's not just about black and white this year. Add shades of gray into your wardrobe and no not that kinky fuckery we women love from the book. I am talking about taking gray into a monochrome feel. Jeans, blazers, shirts and what ever else you choose.


Sweater weather is here and big chunky knits are back. The bigger the better this year, so go to the thrift stores and find your grandpa sweaters. You don't have to spend a ton of money on all the fashion trends.


Let's have a hue party. Black,white, camel, and navy were seen styled graphically all over the runways. Color blocking isn't new to the season, we've seen it for a couple years now. If you still need help figuring out how to color block for this fall. Just look below.

Color Play


Colors you'll see a lot of this season are deep greens, tangerines, bubblegum pink, peach, and navy. Some of these colors may seem out of place, but they aren't. During fashion week plenty of editors, fashionistas and social media gurus found peach, and bubblegum pink a staple in their outfits.


The evening dress is a staple for the fall and winter parties right? Hell no not this season, the tux is making a statement. Your going to see various designers pushing the tapered pants, and tops structured like suit jackets or vest. They haven't totally forget about the blazer this season, but this go around its more structured with a little boyfriend swag.


The midi is back from the 50's and there is no complaining over here. From body-con dresses, circle skirts, and pencil skirts you will find a midi that fits your style. Don't get this style confused with knee length skirts though, which I have seen a lot of people doing. The midi hits anywhere from the bottom of your knee to the middle of your calf.