My Fall To-Do List

Fall is here and what better thing to do except make a to-do list/bucket list. I have a ton of things that i want to do before fall is over. A lot of them go together, and a lot of them are pretty simple to check off the list. What's on your to-do list for this season? And get ready plenty of these will have accompanying blog post or videos.

Fall To-Do List

1. Pick up new fall scents - bath and body works wall flowers, candles, etc

2. Go to the Pumpkin patch and a day of pumpkin carving

3. Fall clothes & makeup shopping - essential items

4. Redecorate my room - new overall design : paint, DIY decor, & shopping

5. Find a fall hairstyle I like - color, protective style, or cut

6. Get materials for fall DIY posts

7. Pull out fall and winter clothes from storage & Store summer clothes away

8. Find new baking recipes

9. Find new fall reads

10. Take more bubble baths