September Craze

I first want to say, where did September go? I know we were all excited about fall coming but I feel like September just started a week ago. Nonetheless we are finally starting to experience some cooler weather and some rain as well here in Northern California. I am still without my computer and editing software to actually make my September Craze video  so yes you get another blog post about all what others and myself went crazy for this month. Make sure to leave your comments telling me what you were crazy about this September!


What better fashion piece goes with the fall season except a great boot. I have seen boots coming out with a strong force the last couple weeks of September. I can admit I was excited to see so many people embracing boots this early into fall. I am a big boot fan and I'm starting to see I'm not alone in this wonderful wold. The biggest style of boot I have seen has to be the ankle bootie. The ankle bootie is an essential in every women's closet, and what is great is there are a ton of varieties that include a heel or no heel depending on what you like.


September we had two beauty products I saw a lot of people raving about. One is a Benefit Cosmetics blush. I have heard about Benefit's box blushes but never thought any of their blushes were too universal until I saw everyone, and I mean EVERYONE talking about Rockateur. I will post a video review below since I have yet to go pick it up, but I can tell you I am on my way to add it to my collection. The second beauty product that was crazed this past month was the Loreal Le Matte and Le Lacque lip colours. These super opaque lip colors in pencil form are blowing up! Again I have yet to find my way to a drugstore to pick up and try these bad boys but from what I have seen in videos and swatches I will not be disappointed.

My Favorites

I didn't have any favorite bloggers this past month but I did have a favorite Youtuber. I have been kind of obsessed with the lovely family of Gabe, Chad and Chad Jr. On YouTube you can type in Gabe and Babe. They are the cutest married couple and have the cutest son! They post vlog videos about their life and I can watch them for hours like it's a regular TV show! Go check them out!

Now for my beauty favorite this past month I have to say hands down are my curlformers. If you have no idea what I am talking about go to Sally's, hit up YouTube and put it in the search bar. They are now my favorite thing to do to get perfect curls without heat. I used them in my hair for a style I did for my friend's wedding. They were a hit! I will post the picture of how they turned out and what they look like below.

Now in the fashion department I am still struggling to wear regular clothes. I know, I know but this past month I did at least get myself in some jeans. I thought since I didn't have a fashion favorite I would tell you all my favorite home favorite from September. I love decorating and coming up with fun new craft ideas and September was full of fall ideas. I wrote down a few DIY ideas for fall that I will be sharing with you in the coming two months as well as starting the cleaning out of my room. I am in a redecorating stage and I have sketches for panels, desk and a mirror design! How fun and exciting.

Hope you all had a great September and are excited about October. Be on the look out for Halloween post, DIY post and hopefully before the end of the month my return to YouTube!