Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

Over the last two and a half years I have tried to find what works for my hair. Believe me it hasn't been easy. I transitioned for a year before I officially cut all my relaxed ends off. Now I went through a lot of products in the first year to see what I liked, but once your relaxed ends are off your hair changes! Yes! It reacts different to products. This I have no clue why but I had to go through another phase of what had worked for me. I have come up with my top 8 tips of growing healthy long hair. I am now at BSL ( bra strap length) and wanting more! If you have any tips and tricks share them in the comments below!

Drink Water: Water is your best friend. I'm not saying to cut out all your sodas, juices, and other drinks but start consuming more water. Water is vital not only for your hair but your body. It helps clear toxins and flush a lot of whatever else is backed up in your body. Not only will you see improvement in your hair but also your skin, nails, and how your body feels overall.

No Heat: Heat tools are your worst enemy when trying to bring your hair to a healthy state. Plain and simple, if you want your hair to grow stop using heat. Now I know some of you are thinking "WHAT! You have lost your mind." The more heat you put on your hair the more your hair becomes damaged, split, dry, and fried. Now if you can't go completely cold turkey then try just using less heat. Try using it once a week, once every 2 weeks, once a month, and so on. Doing this will help your hair become stronger and you will see more growth retention.

Protective Styling: During no heat days try doing some protective styling. All protective styling is doing is making sure your ends are tucked away. You can do twist styles, buns, braids, sew ins and etc. whatever you like find your style and keep those ends babied. The more they are protected the less likely of then splitting more and you losing inches off your hair.

Deep Condition: Deep conditioning should be in your weekly routine. There are plenty of them out there and even recipes you can make straight from in your kitchen. Deep conditioners help repair and put moisture back in your hair. This includes hot oil treatments as well. Have fun with it and see what works for your hair type.

MOISTURIZE: Keep that hair moisturized. Now this doesn't mean putting product on top of product on top of product. Find moisturizers, leave in conditioners and oils that aren't made with silicones. This will help better make sure all that great water you just rinsed your hair with keeps your hair moisturized. Water is also a great initial moisturizer but seal with oil after!

Low manipulation: Yes it's fun to style your hair every day and have something different, but the more you pull, tug, and manipulate your hair the more you risk breaking strands. So try keeping your hair in a style for a weeks time or at least a couple days until you start changing and pulling at your hair.

No sulfates! Or less of them: Sulfates! Oh the lovely suds we have to have when we wash our hair. I can say this now, but I loved those suds. It made me think that my hair was cleaner and everything was gone. Really all your doing is stripping your hair of its natural oils, and what moisture you do have. Try using a sulfate free shampoo or using shampoo less. It's not healthy to wash your hair every day. Just like heat use, limit the use of shampooing little by little if needed.

Trim less: It's all about keeping the length on your hair. A lot of people think they need to trim their hair for it to grow. That might be the biggest myth about hair that there is. Your hair grows half an inch a month. The main goal should be to retain this length. Trim or dust what needs to be gone, then if your protect your ends and take care of your hair you will not have to do this again for 4 to 6 months later.