August Craze

I usually would be doing this type of post as a video and posting it on to my Youtube channel, but if you follow me on Instagram or twitter, you know that my computer is on the fritz until I can get it fixed! But I love you all so much I made sure that I was able to still blog. The Wordpress app on my iPhone is the best and is one of my non-fashion/beauty crazes of the month! Let's get into what the August craze items are!


This past August I saw a lot of people mainly getting ready for the back to school season. Lots of people were making videos, pinning, and instagraming what they were getting, excited about, and hoping to get for fall. The biggest thing I saw had to be the lovely color tangerine. Yes, with fall right around the corner and this also being  a big fall 2013 trend color it's been seen nonstop.

From Pinterest


Benefit Cosmetics seems to have been popping up all around me this past month. In about every get ready with me video or makeup tutorial that I've seen, gurus are using some type of Benefit product. The main one that's being used is their new face primer called, Stay Flawless 15 - hour primer. This stick form primer seems to have everyone from dry skin to oily skin grabbing it off the shelves. It's definitely now on my must try makeup list. Check out the review below for more in depth information. 

My Favorites

My favorite blogger in August had to be the lovely Jennifer Grace of Native Fox. She's just stunning! She post outfits that are to die for, simple, glam and high fashion. My dream is to be like her when I grow up(haha). But really if you haven't seen her blog go over and tell her I sent you.


Lets get to my beauty favorite. Now I didn't wear a lick of makeup this month. Mainly because at the start of the month I was camping and when I got back, well I must of forgot I was out of the woods. But even though I didn't wear makeup I found myself doing my hair a ton. From twist, to buns, to curly puffs, August was sure a hair month. Lots of co-washing and detangling, which lead to me using my good ol' Denman brush! I live by this thing now. If you want an in depth review on how I use mine let me know!

Fashion was not my thing this month. I was in sweats and workout clothes like it was my day job (well it is). Besides that I did start to fall in love with styling clothes for the fall and for some of my friends. If you have noticed outfit styling is my new craze. I have posted quite a few blog post on styling things for the day and night. Make sure to still keep a look out for those in the coming future.

Hope you all had a great August and are excited for September. What are you looking forward to this month? I would have to say cooler weather, but since I live in California I'm not guaranteed that it will get that much cooler. Don't forget to like this and follow me for my post :)