Fashion Overload


Let's talk fashion and I mean full blown fashion. We all have different cultures, religions, and languages but fashion is universal. Contrary to what you've read, honestly there are no rules to this crazy fashion world. Yes, you can do what you want. Pair colors and patterns people might other wise think odd. Start your own trends, no matter what others say about you if you feel 100% comfortable in something than wear it. Well that's what I say. I thought I would share some of my favorite online stores and fashion bloggers. I find myself going to these sites quite often. I find my inspiration in a lot of the bloggers, as well as in the look books posted on the online stores sites. Have fun, be you, and let your personality be shown in everything you do. Hope you all enjoy! What or who is your fashion inspiration right now? 

1. Brandy Melville 

2. Forever 21

3. Asos

4. Threadsence

5. Jak & Jil

6. Karla'a Closet 

7. Fashion Squad 

8. Honestly WTF

9. Native Fox