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Studio Living | Nikki's Haven Station

Most of us right out of college would love to have that big spacious apartment with ample storage, but it never seems to work out that way. If your anything like me, wanting to live in either New York or Los Angeles is a dream. These cities give us fashion crazed, artist loving, entertainment junkies hope of living the American Dream, but when we look at the cost of living it makes us cringe. Most people have to resort to living in a studio apartment with little to no storage and not knowing how to make living and sleep areas seem separate. I have some great tips on how to create more storage and give you defined areas in your studio apartment.

Its all about separation in your space. In the pictures shown you can see that separation can be made with a curtain or larger bookshelf. Separation can also be made with just paint on the walls and a couch with a couch table. Have fun with this there is no rhyme or reason to separating your spaces. You do however want to make sure that you are keeping the space open and light. The curtain must be thin enough to let light shine through, and you want to make it so it can open. This goes the same for the bookshelves. Make sure you can see through some of them. You don't want your space to seem smaller than it is. You can find the bookshelf pictured at Ikea and they have plenty of curtain/panel systems as well.

Hope this helped. Have fun and get the decorating.