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DIY Scrub | Nikki Haven Station

The summer is all about having a smooth body. Us women buy whatever we can that says it will help us achieve this. I'm all about trying to save money when I can. So I went out, got 3 products (already had the 4th) and made my own body/lip scrub. I love that it can be used on my body and on my lips. I tend to exfoliate my lips 2 times a week since I wear lipstick. And who doesn't like a DIY project? I am pretty sure everyone does. So here is what you will need.


  • Air tight lidded jar - $1
  • Brown sugar - $1
  • Honey - already in my kitchen
  • Olive oil - $1
  • Spoon - to stir and scoop
  • Plastic container - to mix product in

As you can see the dollar store was my best friend during this DIY project. A lot of you might have everything in your kitchen already so this project will most likely only cost you $1 and you can make whatever amount that you want. There is no rhyme or reason to measuring out how much of each you need. If you want it more moisturizing then add more olive oil. I just winged it to what I know I like. In the winter you can add other moisturizing agents as well.