Quick Tips to Organize Your Workspace


Whether you work from home, are a student, or just have a home office, we can all say we spend time sitting on computers and at a desk. To me it's important as a blogger to stay inspired as I work, and it was the same when I was a student. Having a fun, chic, put together space will insure that you're creative juices are flowing and you're productivity is at it's highest level. Plus, if your gunning for that promotion at your job, a cluttered mess is no way to impress the boss. Here are some quick tips to help you in your workspace.


    Find storage solutions that don't make you want it hide them out of sight. Having file cabinets and storage around your desk area is a necessity but they don't have to be boring looking. There are many things out there that are eye appealing. Try looking into Ikea; the Alex Drawer set is sleek and has many options. Or go ahead and get on a DIY with the filing cabinet you have. Paint, mod podge, or cover it however you like. Pinterest has a ton of DIY projects.

Cord Management

cord management

Cords to all your electronics can be an eyesore. A great way to take those cords off you desk, floor, and etc is to put them in a management system. This tip from Martha Stewart keeps the cords at bay. By drilling a hole in your desk (maybe there is already one there), and mounting a surge protector underneath makes sure the cords are hidden, as well as off the floor. Another tip is to use velcro strips or zip ties to keep them all together in one central place. 

Make it Pretty

Post-its, notepads, and agendas. These three things make up our workspace, so why not make them pretty. Even with the vast amounts of apps on our phones and computers writing things down and seeing them in my face just makes me more productive. Call me old fashioned but I'm nothing without my written notes. There are so many cute notepads out there nowadays this should be easy to find. There are even colored and chalkboard post-its! How fun!



Bulletin boards, cork boards and magnetic boards where made for a reason. Get all those sticky notes, loose papers, and other odds and bits that inspire you up off your desk and in front of you. These boards are great to pin or stick the little things you might otherwise lose. Business cards, photos, quotes and etc, seem to always go missing on my desk. So I find this a great way to keep track of things and putting goals or bucket-list objects on them always give you that extra push to get your work done. 

De-clutter the Madness

How many times have you looked at your workspace and said, " I have no space to work." Well don't push that stuff to the side or wait  until spring cleaning to clean your desktop. Cleaning your space weekly will help the clutter stay at bay. Every Friday or Sunday,file away paper, toss the unneeded ones and put those lose objects back where they belong. Start your Monday with a fresh desk and new ideas.

Organize it

Desk accessories that you like are actually important to getting your work done. Hey, and it doesn't hurt when they look good either. Whether it be on your desk or in your drawer, that paper tray, pen holder, and paper weight is your finishing touch to your desk. Just like that necklace or statement handbag that makes your outfit, accessorizing your desk is just as crucial. So buy that acrylic organizer or that fancy looking paper weight!