Summer 2013 Sunglasses Trend


The sun is out and it's time to grab your sunnies! This summer we are seeing some retro sunglasses, as well as sunglasses that we saw last spring and summer. Here are the trends for this year. What are your favorites and what will you be wearing this 2013 summer. I would love to know what your wearing! Tweet me or Instgram me (@_rundomrun_) wearing your favorite sunglasses with the hashtag #GrabYourSunnies.

Cat Eye Sunglasses 

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This retro sunnie has been around for ages. They're flattering on practically everyone. What is great about them as well is with some being extreme and others being subtle you can have fun and jazz it up or play it safe.

Half - Frame Sunglasses 

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Are you a statement maker? If so this style is for you. You can find this style in a variety of colors and patterns. This is my second favorite of the bunch!

Circle Lens Sunglasses 

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Circle sunglasses have been brought back from the dark ages, but don't be fooled. This spring and summer their comeback is bigger than ever. With this style you will see a variety of different takes. While searching I came across a fun pair on that were Mickey Mouse inspired. How fun right? These shades tend to look great on more angular faces, but don't be bummed if you don't have this shaped face. Try them out, you never know how they will look until than.

Mirrored Sunglasses 

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The last trend is all about the lens. You can get these in a ton of different frames and that's what's so great! They will work with everyone's face. Mirrored Lens sunglasses have been seen on countless celebrities, fashion bloggers, and even fashion editors. Want to be seen but not seen, these are definitely the sunglasses for you.