10 Decor Tips & Tricks for Small Spaces

10 tips decor
10 tips decor

Have you ever sat in your apartment, house, or just in your bedroom and thought, "I just want more space." I know I have, and it's always, what can I move around, get rid of, or somehow trick my eyes into thinking the area is bigger. These 10 tips will help you figure out all those things. Take a look, try some out and if you have any other suggestions that aren't listed then please leave them below in the comments for others to see.

Go Monochromatic 

To expand a room try by painting all the walls, and trim one color. You can go with the classic white, or you can go beige and even off-white. This will open the room up because once light fills the room it will bounce off of them making the room feel light, airy and open. As you can see in the picture above Amber Interiors  has continued the white/tan color scheme throughout the whole room to make it appear bright and open.

Fold it Up

When looking for a dining room table that will fit in your living - dining area keep this in mind. A table that is expandable gives you the option to have a smaller setting but, also the choice to be able to invite a few more guest. Another option to keep in mind when trying to make these two areas flow together without it feeling cramped and overwhelming, is to place a foldable table on the wall as art work when not in use. You can Pinterest this idea if you have never seen it. It's easy and can serve as a great space saver.

Space it Out

Most think that to make your room look bigger you have to have everything against a wall. Actually sometimes it's better to space your furniture out. That chair may need to be angled, or how about pulling that couch away from the wall and adding a skinny console behind it. Doing these things will trick your eyes into thinking that more walking area means bigger room.

10 decor tips


Wall to wall mirrors have become a great way to "add" more space into a room. Yes this is a recycled idea from the 1970's but hey if it works don't knock it. By adding a wall to wall mirror or wall to ceiling mirror to your room, you are allowing the light from your windows to reflect more light in. Yes just like keeping things all white, do you see a theme? Another plus is that a mirror this big reflects the room back making it look longer. As you see in the picture above, painting your frame a color will give you color in a room without painting a wall as well. Now these mirrors can be pricey, so go to thrift stores and garage sales.

Make it Multipurpose

You know that storage ottoman you have been eyeing? Go ahead, get it. Items like the storage ottoman allow you to store extra blankets, clothes, even shoes and than have them serve as seats, decorations or a footrest. Tuck them under your console behind your couch, leave them in the middle of the floor, or use it at your vanity table as your chair!

Make it Pop

White ceiling? BORING! Add some color to your ceiling. Yes I said it, don't be afraid to keep your walls white and than adding a color on your ceiling. This not only adds texture to the room but it draws the eyes upward making your room appear larger. Anything that goes up is good right? I think so, at least when it comes to a room.

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Curtains Anyone? 

No need to get the drill, level, and tape measure. Put that curtain rod down and enjoy some sunlight! By putting curtains up in your space you are putting a cover on the best part the room. Be excited that you have a nice big window. As mentioned before any extra light you can add into your space the better. Now I know some of you are thinking, "but I need my privacy. What about that?" I have a solution for that as well. Put your curtain rod closer to the ceiling when you hang them. This will give your room a longer look instead of having all the extra space above your window making your room appear shorter. Just keep those bad boys pulled back during the day! The sun is your friend.

Small Room, Small Furniture?

Say it with me, NOOOO. Putting tons of tiny furniture in your space isn't the best idea. You are probably going to end up buying more items to fill the space, which leads to your room being cluttered. It's okay to have that one larger focal piece of furniture in your space. Whether that item be a fancy curved armchair, or a statement sofa. Doing this with create more of an airy feel throughout the room.

Build it up, Build it in

If you can, go ahead and invest in getting a carpenter to build in some of your furniture. That bookcase you have sitting against the wall, or even that entertainment center that looks great but takes up room, get rid of it. Having these things built into the walls allows you to have more space and most of the time gives you more storage space. If this is not an option to build into your walls, make your way over to ikea. They have plenty of bookcases, entertainment centers and even closet systems that will cover your whole wall and then you can just add molding all the way around to make it look built it.

10 decore tips

Oh There it is!

This is for my readers who have a little more freedom in their homes. Try taking some of those cabinet doors off in your kitchen or bathroom and replacing them with cabinets you can see through. This will give your space a little more character, but it will also allow the eye to pass through the cabinets making the area seem deeper. Those bold enough to do this make sure that what ever is inside the cabinets is also appealing to the eye.

Raise it up, Raise it up

It's cool and modern to have a platform bed nowadays, but you are taking away from your storage space. You want to maximize any and every possible space you can find. Lift your bed up off the floor to be able to store away extra clothes, linens, and things you don't use on an every day basis. If your bed is pretty low, but still in a frame that sits off the floor, make your way to Walmart, Target or your local hardware store to get bed risers.